free samples from my forthcoming book:

“Do not under-tip for services rendered”

“When two of your friends start dating each other be sure not to exploit your familiarity to get between them”

“If you spit when you speak, at the very least, apologize”

“Don’t assume that it’s ok to touch other people”

“Do not touch people in the sauna or steamroom unless the two of you are lovers”

“Go to birthday parties whenever you are invited”

“Walk the dog”

“Politely suggest that you see some typos and offer to clean it up for them before going on an editing rampage on someones blog post or emails”

“Get over your ‘pet peeve’ about the horrible misuses of commas or apostrophes or any other small errors people make in common usage. Move On”

“Stop correcting the way others speak. You are not the protectorate of the english language.”

“Take out the trash, anytime, anywhere”

“Use your creativity; flowers for Mothers Day should not be red roses”

“When somebody in your immediate family has a birthday contact them and wish them a Happy Birthday, disregarding all past offenses”

“If you have not seen someone in person for a while, don’t try to make plans with a FaceBook status update. It makes it seem exactly the opposite, as though you don’t really want to meet up in person”

“Always keep in mind the Ripple-Effect”

“A small over-tip may dispose the server to be even more helpful to the next customer”

“Really try hard to park between the lines”

“Say ‘I love you’ out loud when you feel it”

“When people come to you for help; don’t sleep with them”

“If your friend is in a band go to a couple of their shows, even if its not your favorite style of music, even if you think they are not good, you can still show your love and support for your friend.”

“When people tell you who they are, believe them”

“Be informed: Vote”

“Really, make a little stronger effort to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.”

“Don’t ever say or act as though you don’t need love. It’s just dishonest”

“Don’t be aloof”

“No Mohawk hairstyle if you are over 21 unless you are in a bona-fide punk band. Especially do not give your child a mohawk, wait for them to decide for themselves”

“Quit smoking as soon as possible”

“If you are in a conversation and you have forgotten, or don’t know, the other persons name; Ask Them. It’s so much more sincere than pretending, to prevent offense or embarrassment.”

“Ask, Learn and remember peoples names when you are introduced, even if you are bad with names”

“Use peoples names when addressing them”

“Learn some basic Psychology about people that you don’t already know”

“Don’t interrupt when another is speaking, even if you know what they are going to say, even if you’ve heard it before, even if the clock is ticking, especially if they are not speaking to you directly, even if they interrupted you, even if you completely lose interest in the whole subject entirely”

“Donate some clothes that you have not worn in the last year to a charity or person in need”

“If someone bumps or brushes you in public, and doesn’t say ‘excuse me’, don’t chase them down and confront them on their manners”

“Work as hard as you are able to eliminate the very need for your job to exist”

“Use your turn signal when turning either left or right”

“Always respond to invitations, privately if the answer is no, publicly when the answer is yes”

“Don’t accept invitations, including FaceBook invites, if your likelihood of attending is less than %75”

“Click that LIKE button, just do it”

“Always let another go ahead of you in a line or in traffic or through a door”

“don’t shout, or even speak too loudly”

“make interesting comments on blogs and websites”

“Don’t add to the anxiety of others by repeatedly pressing the elevator buttons”

“Answer the phone when it rings”

“Be on time, maybe even 5-10 minutes early”

“Stop saying “international community” and “world community” and “douchebag”

“Tell a person when their fly is open.”

“You know all those calls in your voicemail box….. return those calls!”


“If someone is ‘just doing it for attention’ how about this idea; give them some attention”


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